How It Works

Getting into your very own website takes only a few minutes. We have gone out of our way to make the entire process of creating a website as painless and intuitive as possible. As a result, you will find our cutting edge Website Management Interface to be as user friendly as possible. In most cases by simply pointing and clicking you will be able to customize your website, and fine tune it so it looks better than you would imagine. Getting into a website is as easy as selecting your design, uploading images and text to customize your site, and then bringing your site live.

Create An Account

The first step to getting your own website is to create an account with us. By creating an account you will be able to select a design and gain access to our state of the art Website Management Interface. As you develop your site your new account will allow you to save the changes you make as your site becomes what you only imagined it could be.left

Select Your Design

Select a site design that speaks to you. Browse through our selection of professionaly created website designs and select the design that you like. The designs are a basic template and our Website Management Interface will allow you to customize the template even further to best suit your needs. Should you later change you mind as to what design you like, not a problem, changing a site's design later on is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Customize Your Website

Upload images and enter text to customize the look of your site. To help get you started, our Website Management Interface will have created a few pages for you to begin playing with. Changing any element on the page is a simple point and click. Changes are applied in real time, so you will be able to see your website update mere moments after you have completed your changes. Should you desire a completely different page layout for one or more of your pages, again, with a simple click of a button you will be able to select a new layout and have it applied in real time.

Bring Your Site Live

Once all looks perfect, a simple click of the button will bring your site live and make it viewable to all the world. After you have made all the changes you desire to your website, why not show it off. With one click your website will move from the drawing board to become a real website, available for everyone to visit and interact with. Future changes can be made with ease, so no worries as your site grows and content changes, updating your website is as easy as it was to create it in the first place.